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Northern Virginia Office

7259 Mendota Avenue
Suite 100
Falls Church, VA 22042

U.K. Office

86-90 Paul Street

How much do you cost?

Like any law firm or other agency providing a range of professional services, the necessary investment to engage NetGyral is driven by the volume and sophistication of the effort needed. Our value proposition is neither least expensive nor most exotic. Our customers agree, we provide a lot of value relative to investment as a matter of pride in our work. We tend to err on the side of giving more than you've paid for in order to ensure high customer satisfaction.

We're open to fixed fee engagements for projects with well-understood objectives, and also work on an ad-hoc basis for clients with irregular or otherwise unpredictable work loads. Our hourly rate is usually blended for simplicity (same cost regardless of work performed) and is competitive with other firms that make a similar service offering as we do.