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Where did you come up with the name?

These days, it's a tall order to come up with a company name that is memorable, somehow vaguely conveys its purpose, and for which a .com domain name remains available! The notion of this company is that the Internet has made our modern world a seemingly smaller, certainly more highly connected place. The cliché of "word gets around" has never been more true than it is now, with the growing ubiquity of the Internet to catalyze it.

Joel Barlow (1754-1812)In researching possibilities for a company name, we came across the obscure, vestigial English vocabulary word, "cosmogyral," which means "whirling round the universe" according to The Phrontistery. This word was coined by American poet, politician and abolitionist, Joel Barlow (1754-1812) in his book called The Columbiad, first published in 1807, with a second edition containing this word in 1808 according to Barlow commentator Steven Blakemore.

The name NetGyral was invented to imply the notion of how the modern-day Internet's attractive and repulsive forces are metaphoric of those impelling the heavenly bodies through the known universe, as well as the expansive nature of the Internet. With the already well-established implication of the prefix "Net" being shorthand for things having to with the Internet, this moniker occurred as a seemly choice for implying, however obliquely, the expansive and multi-force driven nature of the virtual universe.

Oh, and the domain name was available, conveniently.

Short, unique, vaguely meaningful; it's what we decided to use to brand a company that knows their way around the vast universe of the Internet and would like to help guide its clients through it.